Licensing School

The Mississippi Conference will offer Licensing School at Millsaps College on the same weekends as Course of study beginning in July 2011. Persons who are taking this first step toward pastoral ministry will join in worship and in supportive community with Course of Study students as they study for licensure.

The Licensing School, which takes a year to complete, includes such courses as worship, preaching, pastoral care, administration, and Christian education. Students may begin the process at any point during the year.

The Board of Ordained Ministry of the Mississippi Conference administers Licensing School through the Office of Ministerial Services. To be eligible for Licensing School a person should have completed the candidacy process, been recommended by their local church pastor parish relations committee, approved by the charge conference and approved by the district committee on ordained ministry.

The staff and students of Mississippi Course of Study look forward to welcoming the students of the Licensing School in July as they begin their journey toward pastoral ministry.

For more information, contact the Center for Ministry at 601-974-1488.

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