Spiritual Formation


"O Lord, we are the clay,

 and you are our potter;

we are all the work

of your hand."

                             ~Isaiah 64:8



Retreats & Events

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Formation for Congregations & Groups

Spiritual Formation is the ongoing transformation of a person into the likeness of Christ.

In spiritual formation, as in baptism, God is the primary actor.  God's grace initiates our spiritual growth; it does not arise from human effort alone. 

The change comes from God, but we open ourselves to it by a variety of spiritual disciplines or prayer practices.  We yoke ourselves with Christ in cooperation with God's work in us. We order our lives in such a way that we are more likely

  • to hear a word of scripture addressed to us
  • to sense a quickening of our spirit that reveals the Holy Spirit's nearness
  • to see the light of Christ shining forth from another's eyes.

The Center for Ministry affirms the significance of spiritual formation and creates settings in which you may experience a variety of ways to pray and to move closer to God.  The pages that follow describe these opportunities and provide resources for further exploration.