Mississippi Course of Study


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Rev. Richard Robbins, Director
1701 North State Street, P. O. Box 150041, Jackson, MS 39210
(phone) 601.974.1488   (email)

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The Mississippi Course of Study School (MSCOS) at Millsaps College is a ministry education program dedicated to the formation of part-time United Methodist local pastors who are spiritually grounded, theologically responsible, relationally skilled, and professionally effective.

MSCOS is administered by the Center for Ministry and operates as an extension program of Candler School of Theology, Emory University. MSCOS is accredited through the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church.

MSCOS includes students from Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and beyond. The faculty is composed of pastors, scholars, and ministry professionals who are experts in their fields and have a great love of ministry and teaching. MSCOS is highly diverse, including those who are male, female, young, old, new to pastoral ministry, and seasoned veterans.

Founded in 1990, MSCOS was the first program of its kind in the United Methodist Church. It continues a tradition of innovation and excellence as it prepares pastors for faithful, effective parish ministry in the twenty-first century.

MSCOS is designed to meet the specific educational needs of part-time local pastors who are licensed for pastoral ministry. Full-time local pastors may enroll in MSCOS only when given special permission to do so by their Board of Ordained Ministry and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. According to the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (para. 341), part-time pastors must complete the Candidacy Process and the Licensing process before they may enroll in MSCOS. Part-time local pastors must then take a minimum of two courses per year until completing the twenty course curriculum. If you are unsure about your status, contact your district superintendent for more information.